About Us

Klassy Kleen Auto Spa is a one of a kind luxury hand car wash and detailing company that will give your car or truck the massage of a lifetime. Washing a car and detailing it isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it, however, there’s a difference between “High-End” and basic detailing and car washing. Our mission is to provide extraordinary, unrivaled, quality, and “High-End” service that will keep your car or truck wanting more.

At Klassy Kleen we have the experience, knowledge, the latest technology, and eco-friendly cleaning products that will have your car turning heads everywhere you go.

Our facility is designed to cater to you and your entire family. At Klassy Kleen your kids can play safely and securely in our state of the art sound proof Kids Room equipped with iPads and stimulating toys, all while in your constant view.

Those of you who don’t have children and looking to relax while getting your car massaged, don’t worry, we thought of you too. Our facility offers a variety of free amenities like food, beverages, a variety of musical selections, and multiple TV’s showing some of your favorite movies, shows and sporting events. At Klassy Kleen Auto Spa you can enjoy all of this while having panoramic views of your vehicle from start to finish. So stop by Klassy Kleen and see what luxury feels like.

Hour of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 7am – 8pm
Sunday: 8am – 6pm